Vision of Change 2 girls

Our goal is 100 Sustainable Members!

Please consider becoming a Sustainable Member by making a regular monthly donation to Vision of Change.  Your regular contribution can be counted on to positively impact children in need through support of sustainable projects.  Thank you for all of your continued support, your generosity is greatly appreciated.





Sustainable Members

As a sustainable member for Vision of Change, I am honored to help children all over the world in need. Each individual can make a small contribution towards a larger collective community change.
— Babette, Sustainable Member

Anna and Sandy

We were invited to a Vision of Change event and neither of us knew about the organization. After reading the literature, listening to the board speak and watching the slide show of the most recent trip to Nicaragua, we both agreed we wanted to support this organization. Sustainability initiatives to meet the needs of children and local community involvement are important to us.

— Anna and Sandy, Sustainable Members

I am so proud to support this Amazing organization.  Vision of Change is doing such needed and important works.

—Jeannette, Sustainable Member

Paul and Dede Natale

Dede and I have always been very fortunate from a financial standpoint.  We’ve always tried to give charitably, especially to those who help children who are the most vulnerable.  When informed of Vision of Change and it’s mission to help children, we added it to our monthly giving immediately.

— Paul & Dede Natale