Vision of Change Nicaragua project

Vision of Change helps children that are in jeopardy. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. Our mission consists of supporting children and their caretakers in ways that produce self-sustaining and lasting solutions for their everyday needs. Through the generosity of our individual donors, sponsors and charitable giving’s we amass the resources necessary to carry out our vision.


Vision of Change is currently in support of a Nicaraguan Orphanage by the name of Los Quinchos. This group is responsible for the following at risk children.

  • Filter House, Managua: 20 children from 6 to 14 years
  • La Finca, Young boys home, San Marcos: 45 children aged 6 to 14
  • Yahoskas, girls home: 40 girls from 6 to 17 years
  • Granada adolescent boys: 35 adolescents aged 13 to 18
  • Posoltega: 110 children and girls from 3 to 16 years

A child has a basic cost of $75.00 dollars a month and this includes only school, food, stay, uniform, health and recreation, and rehabilitation. In the case of examinations, this amount is not included in this cost.

Facilitated Assistance

Vision of Change has facilitated aid to Los Quinchos in the way of clothing, shoes, lice treatment kits, and nebulizers. Vision of Change has also made a greater impact by providing a system called Rain Catchers which harvests rain water for use in drip irrigation to assist with food production. The next mission of Vision of Change is to install solar power at La Finca and Yahoska to offset electrical costs and support the drip irrigation system for farming.


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