Vision of Change Presents the 3rd Annual Hilarity for Charity

Vision of Change presents the 3rd annual Hilarity for Charity

Vision of Change Presents the 3rd Annual Hilarity for Charity

Vision of Change presents:

3rd Annual Hilarity for Charity

Featuring famous comedian Michele Balan.

We are raising money for our next trip to Nicaruaga to help children in need.

Doors open at 7PM • Open bar (donations accepted)

  • TICKETS: $50 per person
  • VIP SEATS: $65 per person, includes Meet & Greet (first 2 rows)
  • EXCLUSIVE STAGE SEATS: $80 per person includes Meet & Greet, private table on stage with Michele and complementary bottle of champagne or wine



Nicaragua Program – May 2016

We thank many of you who over the past five years have generously supported our organization and our programs in South Florida and Nicaragua. Your support has positively impacted more than 3,000 formerly abandoned and abused children and youth.

Vision of Change gives children the experience of self-reliance and accomplishment. Children participate in our projects, learn about sustainability and ultimately experience their own ability to create ecologically viable solutions to meet their own needs.

Just a few weeks ago, more than 10 volunteers visited Nicaragua for our now 8th trip. The warmth and love received from these amazing kids is priceless, as we become more and more invested in ensuring that each child has an opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Working with our local partner organization, Los Quinchos, we started installing an upgraded rain harvesting system, solar power pumps and drip irrigation to support local agriculture, providing food and clean water year-round for the kids in their care. However, we ran out of time and resources to complete the project – a project that will impact an organization that is currently struggling to pay their bills and is in danger of turning children in need away.

A core group of Vision of Change leaders is returning on July 8th to finish the job and to further empower hundreds of children at this organization. We are also taking books to replenish their library, in order to enhance learning at the Center with up to date educational materials.

We need your help!

Your timely contribution prior to our trip will have an incredible impact.

  • $2,325 will cover the costs of the materials and equipment we need to finish installing our upgraded rain harvesting system. If you contribute at this level, you will be a Platinum Investor.
  • $830 covers all donated materials and educational costs for a year, for 10 Nicaraguan children, making you a Diamond Sponsor.
  • $415 covers all donated materials and educational costs for a year, for 5 Nicaraguan children, making you a Gold Sponsor.
  • $249 covers all donated materials and educational costs for a year, for 3 Nicaraguan children, making you a Silver Sponsor.
  • $83 covers all donated materials and educational costs for a year, for 1 Nicaraguan child, making you a Bronze Sponsor.

Thank  you for your continued support of our Vision of Change.20160528_110131

vision of change 2 kids la chureca

Nicaragua Program ~ Online Fundraising Campaign

Fund our Nicaragua Program

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000.00 to fund our Nicaragua Program.

$83 will cover the cost of one child for an entire year!  Sponsoring one child is only $6.92 a of change 2 kids la chureca

Please consider sponsoring a child and provide water, food and clean sanitation for an entire year.  Make a one time donation or sign up for regular monthly donations. We appreciate all of your support. Donate now

Our Nicaragua Program provides sustainable solutions for children in need.  Our solar powered drip irrigation system supports farming and agriculture to provide food, vocational training and education for the children of Los Quinchos.  We are returning to Los Quinchos May 19th  to make necessary repairs, install two additional solar panels and continue the education on sustainability.  This program impacts over 100 children who have been rescued from the streets of Managua.

Los Quinchos gives hospitality to abandoned and mistreated children.  Running away from families destroyed by poverty and violence, after suffering mistreatment and abuse, these children have managed to survive and prosper.  Our Rain Catcher project helps provide food and water year round for the children in their care.  Nicaragua rainfall is seasonal with six months of rain and six months of dry season. Over the last four years we have provided access to rain water to use for crop irrigation year round; education on canning and preserving food; provided access to clean water for bathing and cooking; and still continue to deliver donated toys, clothing and school supplies to the children.

Our program cost per child is only $83 a year.  You can sponsor 5 children for less than $500 by making a donation of $415 today.  As a token of our appreciation we are including a bracelet made by one of the children of Los Quinchos as a thank you gift.

hand woven bracelets




vision of change girls plumbing project

April 2015 – Clinic & Plumbing Project, Yahoska

In April, 2015, Vision of Change replaced the water pump and elevated the water containment platform to increase water pressure at Yahoska, a girl’s home in Los Quinchos, San Marcos, Nicaragua, thereby suppling water to the bathrooms and kitchen on the entire property. We also created a small clinic area for the nurse to care for sick and/or injured girls. We provided medical supplies, a bed, a desk and privacy curtain for the clinic area. Future project includes adding solar power for this location.

vision of change canning project

June 2014 – Canning Food Preservation Education & Training

In June 2014 Vision of Change brought canning food preservation education & training to Los Quinchos, San Marcos, Nicaragua. We brought with us essential canning supplies and educated the adult women and girls on the process of food preservation and canning. This knowledge allows them to harvest their entire crop and preserve the food for future consumption during the dry season. Crops grown at La Finca that are ideal for preservation include: mango; papaya; tomato; passion fruit and root vegetables.


vision of change canning projectvision of change canning projectvision of change canning project



Vision of Change 5000 Gallon Cistern project

November 2013 – 5,000 Gallon Cistern in Los Quinchos

A 2nd trip was necessary to complete the water project we began in March 2013 to Los Quinchos, San Marcos, Nicaragua, to install a 5,000 Gallon Cistern in Los Quinchos. Our containment material, held up in customs in March, was released in April and we returned in November to complete the installation. We installed an additional 5,000 gallons of capacity to our initial 1,000 gallons being used to supplement the demand for water in caring for the animals – pig, goat, rabbit and chickens.


Vision of Change Cistern projectVision of Change Cistern ProjectVision of Change Cistern ProjectVision of Change Cistern ProjectVision of Change Cistern Project

vision of change drip irrigation

March 2013 – Drip Irrigation & Plumbing

Vision of Change’s mission was to gather information, educate the staff on the benefits of drip irrigation and assess the annual water requirement for the farm’s crop production in Los Quinchos.  Vision of Change and volunteers installed 500 lineal feet of drip irrigation tubing for watering the plants with harvested rain water. We installed water pumps for extracting water from the storage containment (instead of using buckets). We connected all three water storage containment to utilize the water for drip irrigation and to increase storage capacity to 50,000 gallons of water. Implementing drip irrigation system will conserve water while increasing crop yields to produce more food for the children.

vision of change rain catcher project

July 2012 – Rain Catcher Project Development

The initial phase of our Rain Catcher project for Los Quinchos began in the summer of 2012. Vision of Change installed a 1,000 gallon water containment for the Agriculture Center at La Finca to collect rainwater for the animals’ daily water needs. We installed this small system as an educational tool and to supplement the water demand in caring for the animals. During this trip we accessed the annual water demand at the Agriculture Center for the production of sustainable food source. Our goal – to harvest enough rain water during the rainy season to reuse during the dry season for crop irrigation. The benefits of drip irrigation to conserve water and increase crop yields would be a huge benefit for Los Quinchos, in food production for the children and reducing food expenditures.

vision of change nicaragua

March 2011 – Donated items to children in Nicaragua

In March of 2011 Vision of Change delivered 2,600 pounds of donated items to children in need in Nicaragua. Our original trip to Nicaragua was a culmination of three months of collecting donating items to hand deliver to children in need. We collected toys, clothing, school supplies and medical supplies. We hand delivered the items to five locations of Los Quinchos in Grenada, Posoltega, Managua and San Marcos. We still keep our original mission of “hand delivering donated items to the children we impact” as a part of our mission for Vision of Change.