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Fund our Nicaragua Program

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000.00 to fund our Nicaragua Program.

$83 will cover the cost of one child for an entire year!  Sponsoring one child is only $6.92 a of change 2 kids la chureca

Please consider sponsoring a child and provide water, food and clean sanitation for an entire year.  Make a one time donation or sign up for regular monthly donations. We appreciate all of your support. Donate now

Our Nicaragua Program provides sustainable solutions for children in need.  Our solar powered drip irrigation system supports farming and agriculture to provide food, vocational training and education for the children of Los Quinchos.  We are returning to Los Quinchos May 19th  to make necessary repairs, install two additional solar panels and continue the education on sustainability.  This program impacts over 100 children who have been rescued from the streets of Managua.

Los Quinchos gives hospitality to abandoned and mistreated children.  Running away from families destroyed by poverty and violence, after suffering mistreatment and abuse, these children have managed to survive and prosper.  Our Rain Catcher project helps provide food and water year round for the children in their care.  Nicaragua rainfall is seasonal with six months of rain and six months of dry season. Over the last four years we have provided access to rain water to use for crop irrigation year round; education on canning and preserving food; provided access to clean water for bathing and cooking; and still continue to deliver donated toys, clothing and school supplies to the children.

Our program cost per child is only $83 a year.  You can sponsor 5 children for less than $500 by making a donation of $415 today.  As a token of our appreciation we are including a bracelet made by one of the children of Los Quinchos as a thank you gift.

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Vision of Change is committed to positively impacting children worldwide through support of sustainable projects.

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